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Archived Keeping Connected 2020-2021

Keeping Connected Coffee Mornings

Please read the letter regarding our new initiative: Keeping Connected Coffee Mornings. Keeping connected is always important but especially in challenging times and we hope that you are able to join in the conversation on Friday mornings (cuppa essential).

Head Teacher Challenge 2021: Spring Term 1

Welcome back to our Head Teacher challenge! This activity was very popular during the last lockdown so we’ve decided to bring it back!

Week 5 (Week beginning 08.02.21) – Express Yourself!

Last Friday we celebrated Children’s Mental Health Day with the theme of Express Yourself! So your challenge this week is to do exactly that. Send me a photo which shows me who you are. It might be a photo of a safe and happy place or it might be a photo of you dressed up in clothes you need for a certain hobby or interest you have or it might be something to show your flair and creativity. Whatever it is and whoever you are – be proud and share your pictures with me.

Week 5 – Results – Express Yourself!

Wow, Jack! It looks like you are creating a cool video. We love the green screen set up! Well done.

Week 4 (Week beginning 01.02.21) – Theme Night

Your challenge this week is to plan and hold a Theme Night. For example you could hold a Western Night and play country and western music; dress up like a cowboy; eat a camp fire stew. Or you might decide to do a Tropical Night or you could choose a country as your theme.

Send lots of great photos of your amazing theme night!

Have a lovely time.

Week 4 – Results – Theme Night

Wow! It looks like Amina and her family had a fantastic Sci-Fi Theme night.
Owen and his family enjoyed these delicious Chinese Steam buns during their Chinese Theme night.

Week 3 (Week beginning 25.01.21) – RSPB’s Big Garden Bird Watch project

Your challenge this week is to take part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Bird Watch project. The project is taking place between Friday 29th January and Sunday 31st January 2021. You can register to take part by going to

Once you are set up you can then watch, identify and record birds which visit your garden for one hour over the weekend. This information helps the RSPB get a picture of the number of garden birds across the country and is a really helpful thing to do.

You could enter either a photo, a list of birds you’ve seen in your garden or a fact file on a bird of your choice.

Entries should be uploaded to Seesaw by 5pm on Monday 1st February 2021.

I look forward to seeing your entries.

Week 3 – Results – RSPB’s Big Garden Bird Watch project

What a lovely photo of a blackbird in your garden Abel. I’m very impressed you’ve now got a family membership for the RSPB.
It sounds like you and Xavier had lots of fun bird watching!
I bet the food encouraged lots of different birds into your garden.
Well done Lexi-Mae you’ve spotted lots of birds!
What an amazing drawing, Malachi! Well done.
Fantastic maths linked to bird watching Noah – well done!

Week 2 (Week beginning 18.01.21) – My Dear New Friend Letters

Your challenge this week is to write a letter to ‘My Dear New Friend’. Your ‘Dear New Friend’ is going to be someone a lot older than you are and who lives in a care home. Your letter can be as long or as short as you wish and should include something interesting about yourself or something that you have done.

Some of the letters will be chosen and sent to our local care homes and hospitals to try to cheer up some of the older members of our community.

Please be careful not to give away any personal details such as your address or full name.

I look forward to reading your letters.

Week 2 – Results – My Dear New Friend Letters

Thank you so much for your lovely letters, cards and pictures for last week’s Head Teacher Challenge.

We received some really thoughtful and touching letters, along with some really funny ones, all of which I am sure will cheer up anyone in Stanhope Community Hospital.

Your letters, cards and pictures are now in isolation (those on Seesaw have been printed off) and they will be given to Stanhope Community Hospital this week so that they can share them out amongst their current patients.

I really hope your messages make someone smile and will let people know that we are all thinking about them at this difficult time.

Week 1 (Week beginning 11.01.21) – Dot Pictures

Your challenge this week is to create a picture using only dots. These can be sticky dots, dots of paint, dots of any material at all. Use your imagination and upload your entries on your seesaw account. The best will feature on our website! I look forward to seeing your entries.

Week 1 – Results – Dot Pictures

Wow we had some great entries for the Head Teacher challenge last week. You were all so creative with your dotty ideas. I loved that you used lots of different media and the subjects you chose were really brilliant. There were some lovely abstract images and also some fantastic pictures. I could have chosen lots to put up on our website but had to make the very tough decision to choose a selection.

I hope you enjoyed the challenge because your pictures really cheered me up – thank you! – Mrs Cross

A message from staff:

Head Teacher Challenge!

Thank you so much to everyone who is taking part in our Head Teacher Challenge – your entries are great; they are keeping us entertained and it’s a lovely way for us to keep in touch with you.

06.07.20 – Head Teacher Challenge Update

I am writing to say a huge thank you to everyone who has taken part in the Head Teacher challenges during the Covid-19 crisis. We have really looked forward to seeing your entries and they have really cheered us up during this difficult time.

It has been fantastic to see so many children taking part in a huge range of different learning opportunities and clearly having fun whilst doing so.

Week 16-17 – 06 July 2020 – 16 July 2020

Next week, would normally be our Sports Day and therefore rather than set a Head Teacher Challenge we thought we would set you the Stanhope Barrington Sports Challenge. The black section is the challenge and the green section is a more challenging activity!

Stanhope Barrington Sports Challenge

We hope you enjoy it and please send us your photos to by 16th July 2020.

Week 15 – 29th June 2020 – 3rd July 2020

This week’s Head Teacher Challenge is to design and/or make a fairground attraction. You could either draw one, make one out of recycled materials or out of lego or other materials/building resources. It could be tiny or it could be life-sized – it’s up to you. It could be fairground ride or a fairground game or activity.

Take a photo of your fairground attraction and email it to: by 12noon on Friday 3rd July 2020.

Here are the results of our fifteenth Head Teacher Challenge!

David and Alice have created a really fun fairground. That rollercoaster looks pretty scary though!!
We are loving the Gillow Family Funfair! The ride made out of hands looks amazing. There is a lot of work and creativity gone into this – well done everyone!
Jess and Polly have created a fantastic fairground and their dog looks very impressed too. Great work girls!
Noah has used Knex to make a Ferris wheel which really moves around. This is Noah’s favourite ride at the fairground. Excellent work Noah!

To look closer at the images from the the fifteenth Head Teacher’s Challenge, click on the gallery below:

Week 14 – 22nd June 2020 – 26th June 2020

This week’s Head Teacher Challenge is to write or print the Lord’s Prayer and illustrate it by adding images, borders, colours and different fonts and your own art work.

Be creative, think about stories you know from the Bible and images you associate with the parables we learn in school.

Take a photo of your illustrated Lord’s Prayer to the book and email it to: by 12noon on Friday 26th June 2020.

Here are the results of our fourteenth Head Teacher Challenge!

This is an amazing Lord’s Prayer by the Burton family. We were so impressed that we have sent it to Mr Rickeard who is our Chief Executive Officer of the DDMAT.
Well done Noah for your work on the Lord’s Prayer. You’ve done some lovely illustrations.

Week 13 – 15th June 2020 – 19th June 2020

One of our children has suggested this week’s Head Teacher Challenge – which we think is a fantastic idea and shows just how thoughtful and kind our children are…As you will know, Mrs Stidwell is retiring at the end of August 2020 and this week your Head Teacher Challenge is to make something for Mrs Stidwell. This could be a card, home-made gift or a visual message made out of items of your choice. Be artistic and creative! We will put all of your photos and messages into a book to present to Mrs Stidwell for her to keep forever.

Take a photo of your contribution to the book and email it to: by 12noon on Friday 19th June 2020.

We expect that this will be an extremely popular Head Teacher Challenge and therefore a selection will be put on the website but every contribution will be in the book we produce for Mrs Stidwell.

Here are the results of our thirteenth Head Teacher Challenge!

As you know, this week’s challenge was to create a message for Mrs Stidwell and we have been inundated with letters, cards and messages for her. Below are just a few as we want to keep some as a surprise for her! Every single message that has been sent in has been saved and will be put into a proper book of memories and messages for Mrs Stidwell.

Anyone wishing to drop anything off can do so by leaving it on the bench outside the school main entrance and ringing the bell for us to collect it.

It’s not too late – please keep your messages coming in to

Week 12 – 8th June 2020 – 12th June 2020

Your challenge this week is to design and build an obstacle course for someone else to complete. This could be a brother or sister or even your parents. Make it tricky and challenging for them. It can be indoors or outdoors! Use whatever materials or equipment you can find. You could turn it into a competition and see who can complete the course in the quickest time!

Take a photo of your obstacle course and email it to: by 12noon on Friday 12th June 2020.

Here are the results of our twelfth Head Teacher Challenge!

What a fantastic obstacle course Jack has built. It looks great fun and quite challenging.
Lily and Henry designed and built their own obstacle course then timed each competitor. They even awarded medals to the winners.
Zach and Isla have created a very interesting obstacle course! Mr Myers is not sure he would manage the space hopper!!
We love Jessica’s obstacle course and are especially impressed with the action shot of her jumping! Great job Jess!

To look closer at the images from the the twelfth Head Teacher’s Challenge, click on the gallery below:

Week 11 – 1st June 2020 – 5th June 2020

Your challenge this week is to build a habitat for wildlife! It could be a bug hotel, a bird feeder, a hedgehog house or even just a log pile for lots of insects to live in. Be creative and help to look after our wonderful world.

Take a photo of your habitat and email it to: by 12noon on Friday 5th June 2020.

Here are the results of our eleventh Head Teacher Challenge!

Wow! Chester has created a little pond for insects. What a fantastic idea and it’s in a nice shady spot under the hostas.
David and Alice have built a bird box from scratch. We are very impressed with the colour, which is the same as the tree! Excellent camouflage for the birds to nest in.
Euan and Conall have created a wildlife habitat in their garden by leaving an area uncut and full of wild grasses and flowers. This will provide a habitat for all sorts of creatures and attract pollinators! Excellent idea lads.
Finley and Iliza have used an old drawer to make a amazing bug spa. It looks like it’s full of goodies and lots of great places for the insects to hang out. Great job!
What a beautiful bug hotel Henry’s built in their back garden. If we were an insect we would definitely like to stay here!
Your bird box looks great Jack. I think lots of smaller birds like Blue Tits or Wrens will like to make a nest in there!
Jack and has family have been very busy looking after wildlife. They found a hedgehog trapped in netting and put it in their hedgehog house to recover. They have also had a camera in their bird box so they can watch the development of the gorgeous baby blue tits. What a great bug hotel Jack!
They look like enormous bird feeders made by Laila and Immy. I bet they keep the birds busy in your garden – great job girls.
Lily has used some excellent design and technology skills to build this amazing bird box. Hopefully you’ll get some birds nesting in there soon.
We are very impressed with Noah’s Bug B&B. Mrs Cross is very impressed with the alliteration! Putting it inside a pot is a great idea Noah – well done!
Polly and her sister have made a fantastic bug hotel with a restaurant on the top which looks very posh! They learnt all about the food chain. Great work!
Isla and Zach have created a brilliant insect hotel which is even topped off with Isla’s fairy garden. I bet this attracts lots of wildlife. Excellent work you two!

To look closer at the images from the the eleventh Head Teacher’s Challenge, click on the gallery below:

Week 10 – Half Term Holiday – 25th May 2020 – 29th May 2020

Your challenge this week is to build a den! You can use whatever materials you can find. It could be indoors or outdoors, it could be big enough for you or small enough for a fairy! It’s up to you.

Take a photo of your den and email it to: by 12noon on Friday 29th May 2020.

Here are the results of our tenth Head Teacher Challenge!

This an amazing den Alexander! It looks very cosy and well-constructed. We love the heater outside too for when it gets a bit chilly.
Euan and Conall’s den looks very inviting in this heat. Mr Myers fancies having a snooze in this one. Great job lads!
What a beautiful princess castle you’ve made Grace! We are very impressed that recycled cardboard boxes and toilet rolls can look so lovely.
Zach and Isla have built a fantastic den in the woods behind their house. From their den they can see lots of different wildlife and have even seen a buzzard’s nest in the trees!
Wow Jack! That is a truly fantastic fort. We bet you’ve had great fun with your dad building that. Can’t wait to see the finished job.
Jake and Finn have made a huge den in their garden. Good work you two! We hope you enjoyed the challenge.
James has built a fantastic den in the garden and is looking very relaxed and chilled out. Great job James.
Lily and Henry’s den looks very cool and shady. A lovely retreat from the blazing heat – well done!
Well done, Malachi! It looks like you have constructed an ideal reading den.

To look closer at the images from the the tenth Head Teacher’s Challenge, click on the gallery below:

Week 9 – 18th May 2020 – 22nd May 2020

Your challenge this week is to create a volcano!! You might want to make a 3D model of a volcano, draw a picture or draw the cross-section of the volcano to show the inside – you can choose. Here are some photos to give you an idea.

Take a photo of your volcano and email it to: by 12noon on Friday 22nd May 2020.

Here are the results of our ninth Head Teacher Challenge!

Alexander’s family love geology and in this photo you can see some pumice. The piece of pumice (left) in the photo is from Krafla in Iceland from the 1975-1984 eruptions and the piece of lava (right) is from Mt Teide on Tenerife from the last eruption in 1909. Thank you so much for sharing these amazing artefacts.
What an amazing eruption! We are very impressed that Alice and David used this challenge to carry out a scientific experiment to see the best way to create lava. A very successful experiment and great fun too!
What a whopper of a volcano Archie and Henry have made. They’ve used the rubble from their old patio to create an almost life size volcano. Let’s hope the lava doesn’t start coming out of the top!
We were totally blown away with this volcano Chester! It is amazing and the man fighting the dinosaur is very brave!
That's an amazing volcano, Euan and Connal. Those dinosaurs better stay out of the lava--they might go extinct!
Fantastic volcanoes from Euan and Oliver. It looks like you had great fun making them! Fab job by both of you.
Using feathers to represent the lava is a great idea Finley. We love the background details too. A fab job!
It looks like you had a great time in your mud kitchen Grace. We love the use of honey nut loops to represent the rocks – very creative!
What a wonderful colourful volcano you’ve made Harley. It looks really spectacular! We bet you enjoyed doing that on a nice sunny day.
What fantastic decoration you’ve used for your volcano Iliza. The pipe cleaners are really effective. Hope the car and dinosaurs don’t get caught up in the eruption!
What a truly spectacular volcano Immy and Laila have created. We love the bright and swirling colours – very creative girls!
Lovely art work Jack, we like how the lava is thicker at the top then trails down the side of the volcano. Well done!
That is an excellent diagram of the cross section of a volcano! Well done Jack.
Lily and Henry have made a great volcano using baking powder, vinegar and red paint. That looks like an amazing creation. Well done!
Is that really an edible volcano Noah? Mr Myers thinks it is a chocolate cake and really wants a bit. It looks amazing.

To look closer at the images from the the ninth Head Teacher’s Challenge, click on the gallery below:

Week 8 – 11th May 2020 – 15th May 2020

On Friday 8th May 2020 the whole country remembers VE Day. This is such an important and poignant time and it is important that our children learn to remember and to learn from history. You might have seen our amazing display in the school hall as shown in the Newsfeed section.

Your challenge this week is to complete a craft linked to VE Day. There are loads of excellent VE Craft Activities  that are supported with videos and tutorials for each craft activity, just click on the link to access them. Or you might have some creative ideas of your own…

Take a photo of your craft activity and email it to: by 12noon on Friday 15th May 2020.

Here are the results of our eighth Head Teacher Challenge!

What an amazing display Chester! We love the characters in the window of the soldiers and crowds celebrating VE Day.
A lovely range of crafts and cakes from Grace. We hope you had a lovely day on VE day.
Our beautiful Grace and her family have put a huge amount of effort into this piece of art for VE day. Mrs Cross is very impressed with the war horses! The family have kindly donated the project to the school for display and it is now on the front window of the school for everyone to see. Thank you so much.
Laila and Imogen have had a very busy week making bunting, planes and bracelets to commemorate VE day. They’ve made so much that they’ve run out of window space!
It's great to see Jasmine and Jayden celebrating VE Day at the window. They’ve made excellent bunting to decorate their house.
That is a very thoughtful and meaningful wreath Noah. The poppies, forget me nots and the dove in the middle are stunning. We are very impressed with your wreath.
Olly and Mikey really enjoyed the sunshine whilst making flags for VE day. They even had a little garden party afterwards.
Although your cake didn’t turn out how you expected Owen, I’m sure it tasted delicious. It takes lots of practice to bake cakes!
What a great picture Amina! I love how the flag looks like it’s fluttering in the wind.
Amazing work Xavier. Your crafts look amazing and we are very impressed with the fly past display – very creative!
What a lovely cake Zach and Isla have made. We love the combination of the rainbow and VE day celebration. Well done.

To look closer at the images from the the eighth Head Teacher’s Challenge, click on the gallery below:

Week 7 –4th May 2020 – 8th May 2020

As you know one of my favourite things to do is eat cake! So this week is all about baking – welcome to The Great Stanhope Bake Off!

Your challenge this week is to bake a cake! You can either make one huge cake or a collection of smaller cupcakes. The decoration must be based on the theme of ‘Spring Time’. Take a photo of your delicious cake or cakes and email it to: by 12noon on Friday 8th May 2020.

This challenge is going to be torture for me as I won’t be able to eat any of them!

Here are the results of our seventh Head Teacher Challenge!

Zach you have made some lovely looking cakes. We are very impressed with the presentation and colour co-ordination. Mr Myers is dying to eat some cake now!
Those strawberries look delicious on Olly and Mikey's amazing cake. It is a whopper of a cake and looks amazing! Well done.
These look fantastic Oliver! I love the one with the little chick with huge long legs!
We are very impressed with your spring decorations, Isla. Mrs Cross' favourite is the bee and Mr Myers loves the little calf! Excellent job.
What a huge and beautiful cake Euan and Connall have baked! It looks delicious and we really wish we could have a slice. The rainbow is gorgeous - well done lads!
Edward has made a delicious looking cake out of play dough. The green colour is definitely very spring like!
Amina and Xavier have created two beautiful cakes. We love the litte taodstools which light up too! Is that one cake for Mr Myers and one cake for Mrs Cross?
That is an amazing cake Archie and Henry have created. We love the little chicks and their glasses- they look very funny. We hope you enjoyed your bake off challenge!
If I was a bird Jack, I’d love to live in this bird’s nest! It’s colourful, it’s got lots of interesting features and a rainbow! Fantastic job Jack.
Wow Jasmine! Those butterfly cakes look very tempting. Mr Myers thinks he could manage 4! Mrs Cross would go with two!
We love all the sweets on the top of your cake Jayden. I’d loved to have licked out the bowl with all of that topping in it!!
What a lovely cake Lily and Henry have made. We love the union jacks to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE day. Great job!
Goodness Noah, you are really making Mr Myers suffer with that delicious looking cake! Your rhubarb looks very healthy.

To look closer at the images from the the seventh Head Teacher’s Challenge, click on the gallery below:

Week 6 –27th April – 1st May 2020

On the 23rd April 2020, we celebrated St. George’s Day. As a child this was one of my favourite stories – I loved the tale of how St. George defeated the dragon. Therefore, this week’s challenge is based on St. George’s Day.

Your challenge this week is to create a model of a dragon! You can use Lego, Meccano, recycled material, collage or even just draw a picture of a dragon. Take a photo of your amazing dragon and email it to: by 12noon on Friday 1st May 2020.

I can’t wait to see your fantastic creations!

Here are the results of our sixth Head Teacher Challenge! There were so many entries this week that we just had to show them all! Well done everybody – thank you for participating.

Alexander you've created a lovely colourful dragon - well done we love him!
We love your beautiful red dragon Archie and Henry. He looks very fierce painted bright red - an excellent design.
What an enormous dragon, Chester! That poor knight doesn't stand a chance does he? It must have taken you ages to build this stunning dragon - thank you!
Your dragon is so cute, Esther! He doesn't look like he'd hurt a fly.
You both look amazing! Connall makes an excellent dragon whilst Euan looks very brave and heroic as a knight.
What a super knight you make, Euan. I'm very impressed with your costume. That dragon looks like he might be in trouble!
This dragon looks really prehistoric, Finley. He is using his colours well for camoflage!
The teeth on your dragon look very sharp. I wouldn't want to be caught by him! Lovely use of colour, Finn.
Thank you so much to the Gillow family for cheering us up in the office this week with these amazing pictures.
Drake the Dragon is very special, Grace. He actually looks like quite a friendly dragon and is certainly very colourful.
What a beautiful photograph, Grace. Your dragon is super and looks llike a friendly dragon. Great use of recycled materials. Thanks, mummy, for lending a hand!
What a brilliant dragon, Henry. It's a shame he has a neck injury from a knight's sword - poor dragon.
Iliza we are loving your dragon's sparkly eyes! We love the fire coming out of his mouth, too - very scary.
Isla, we just love your dragon. The flames coming out of his mouth are very realistic! Our favourite parts are the eyes which look lovely.
We love your dragon, Jack! You've used play dough really creatively and we are impressed with how you've created his scales.
Jake's colourful dragon has a picture of a little dragon on his wall - excellent idea, Jake!
Wow, the family effort has really paid off with this origami dragon. The Leadbitter family have created this monster using Harry Potter wrapping paper. He is spectacular!
We love your computer generated dragon, Lily. His tail is amazing and the lighting bolt makes him look very dangerous! Excellent ICT skills.
Your dragon looks like he's rubbing his hands with glee at the thought of devouring the knight. Excellent work, Malachi, we are very impressed with your sketching skills.
Your dragon is totally stunning, Noah. His tail and the fire coming out of his mouth are fantastic!
Your dragon looks fantastic, Oliver. Excellent idea to use Lego bricks to build him with.
Who could be behind the scary dragon mask? The dragon looks very fierce - could it be Zach?

To look closer at the images from the the sixth Head Teacher’s Challenge, click on the gallery below:

Week 5- 20th April – 24th April 2020

The Rainbow Scavenger Hunt – Your challenge this week is to create a rainbow using the instructions in the poster below. You can lay out your rainbow using pictures or photos of items or you can draw pictures of your items or use the actual items.

Remember to get the colours in the right order. Using the mnemonic might help to get the seven colours in the correct order:


Richard – Red

Of – Orange

York – Yellow

Gave – Green

Battle – Blue

In – Indigo

Vain – Violet

Take a photo of your rainbow and send it to by 12noon on Friday 24th April. The top 10 will be chosen to be uploaded onto our website.

Get busy! Get Creative! Have Fun!

Here are the results of our fifth Head Teacher Challenge!

What a lovely idea. Zach and Isla have gone for a walk to find flowers and leaves to represent colours of the rainbow. We hope you had a lovely time. We were really impressed with your creative idea of using painted stones for the colours you struggled to find on your walk.
Grace has made a gorgeous pot of gold rainbow and a rainbow house from her hand print - lovely creative ideas Grace!
Fantastic work, Oliver - you've found some great examples of the colours of the rainbow.
Wow Euan what a lovely rainbow. I love the dandelion for yellow - very colourful!
Lily and Henry have worked together on their Rainbow Scavenger Hunt. Using the sky for blue was an inspired idea! We've had lots of blue skies this week - fab job!
This is totally amazing! You've really gone to town with this week's challenge. Alice and David look like they've emptied the house to create this fantastic rainbow.

To look closer at the images from the the fifth Head Teacher’s Challenge, click on the gallery below:

Week 4- 13th April – 17th April 2020

One of our favourite things to see at Easter time is your Easter bonnets! As we are all staying indoors you might have to get creative for this challenge!

Your challenge this week is to make and decorate an Easter Bonnet (if you don’t have a bonnet use your imagination and use a cap or make a paper hat to decorate) take a photo and send it to

By 12noon on Friday 17th April. The top 10 will be chosen to be uploaded onto our website.

Get busy! Get Creative! Have Fun!

Here are the results of our fourth Head Teacher Challenge!

That is a very cute sheep Zach. She looks very happy with her huge wide smile.
What an amazing Easter Bonnet Alexander! We are glad Dad’s cricket hat came in handy!
There are some amazing Springtime animals on Daytona’s stunning Easter Bonnet.
Wow what a fantastic bunny rabbit Isla! Its teeth are huge! Bet he ate lots of Easter eggs.
Henry has created a great hat with Easter eggs hidden all over it – a great challenge Henry!
Your Easter bonnet looks just like a crown Noah! We love the birds on your bonnet.
You have really used your problem solving skills to design a hat out of recycled materials. We love the collection of spring flowers on your hat Lily!

To look closer at the images from the the fourth Head Teacher’s Challenge, click on the gallery below:

Week 3 – 6th April – 10th April 2020

We are very sad that we have had to cancel our Easter Fair because all of your entries into the decorated egg competition are always amazing.

Your challenge this week is to decorate a hard-boiled egg for Easter (if you don’t have an egg use your imagination and use an egg shaped stone!) take a photo and send it to

By 12noon on Friday 10th April. The top 10 will be chosen to be uploaded onto our website.

Get busy! Get Creative! Have Fun!

Here are the results of our third Head Teacher Challenge!

That’s an amazing collection of your favourite film characters Olly! We had a competition to name them – thank you.
Your collection of Monsters Inc characters are amazing Mikey!
We love Boris the Egg!! This really made us laugh – what a fantastic concept – Boris the Egg spreading the message ‘Stay At Home’. Well done to everyone who is staying at home over this Easter weekend.
Henry has decorated his eggs as the Justice League with Batman, Robin, Superman and Joker. Excellent idea Henry!
What a fantastic squirrel Henry! His tail is magnificent. I wonder if he is one of those special flying squirrels?
What a lovely idea for your decorated egg entry Millie. This must have taken you lots of work and it is a lovely message to send to everyone this Eastertime.
Wow, Jayden! That's amazing. Well done!
We love the "Mr Egg Show"! Well done, Tommie.
Archie has recreated a match between Newcastle and Chelsea. Who do you want to win Archie? I’m going for Newcastle United!
Wow, Chester that is an amazing Easter Bunny! I love the garden and bet he has lots of lovely things to eat in that garden.
What a beautiful picture Amina to go with your amazing egg. This is a very happy picture and we hope you and your family all have an amazing Easter together.
I love how you’ve set your unicorn in the sky – very creative Lily.
Finley’s concept is ‘Eggceptionally Different’. He has created a Peggle – an Easter Egg like no other! Very creative Finley. Every single one of us should be proud to be different because thankfully we are all different.
Wow, Euan what an amazing plane and pilot.
This is an amazing collection of spring animals Jack. I’m sure you’ll have great fun rolling them on Sunday.
We are loving the Hogwarts Express Noah. We are very pleased that you are enjoying reading the Harry Potter books.
That is a beautiful Spring scene Jas! I love the chickens sitting on their nest.
What a beautiful unicorn Grace! I love her bling.

To look closer at the images from the the third Head Teacher’s Challenge, click on the gallery below:

Week 2 – 30th March – 3rd April 2020

You all did so well with last week’s challenge that we’ve decided to make it a bit more challenging. This week we would like you to choose one colour and spend the day doing as much as you can using that colour. This could include: wearing clothes of your chosen colour; drawing a picture using shades of your one colour; eating food which includes your chosen colour; playing with toys of your chosen colour and I am sure you can think of lots of other creative ideas. Take a few photos (or use pic collage) and send it to

By 12 noon on Friday 3rd April. The top 10 will be chosen to be uploaded onto our website.

Get busy! Get Creative! Have Fun!

Here are the results of our second Head Teacher Challenge!

Alexander chose red as his colour and what an amazing spider man costume he’s created. Great use of cereal boxes Alexander – well done!
Isla has created the most beautiful pink butterfly. Your cycle helmet looks very cool, Isla.
We are guessing that Zach’s favourite colour is blue! Excellent picture Zach.
Finley and Iiliza have been very busy during their Green day. We love the green pasta – bet it was very tasty.
Henry (Class 1) has researched some amazing facts about the colour blue!
Amina – love your blue nails!!
Laila and Immy have had great fun with the challenge this week. Immy chose yellow and Laila chose pink as her colour. They even drank juice in their chosen colour – excellent job girls – we’re glad you had so much fun!
Noah has been busy having a green day. We love the green wizard. Working in the garden is a great way to go green. Fab job Noah!
Xavier has had great fun with the colour black! I love your cute dog!
Lily (Class 5) spent all day dressed in purple and went on a purple scavenger hunt. She then researched lots of facts about the colour purple. Mrs Cross loved this one as it’s her favourite colour too!
We are loving Grace’s Pink day. The fingerbobs is very cute!
What amazing colours the Leadbitter family have chosen this week! We are delighted that Elizabeth (Stanhope Family Forever) took part and looked great in green. There are some wonderful food choices!

To look closer at the images from the the second Head Teacher’s Challenge, click on the gallery below:

Week 1 – 23rd – 27th March 2020

It’s officially Springtime! Your challenge is to create a collage of a picture which represents Spring. Take a photo of your collage and send it to by 12 noon on Friday 27th March. The top 10 will be chosen to be uploaded onto the Keeping Connected page of our website.

Get busy! Get Creative! Have Fun!

Here are the results of our first Head Teacher Challenge! They are amazing – well done!

Look at this beautiful picture of a little lamb on the fell enjoying the Spring sunshine – Thank you, Oliver!
What a beautiful bright sun in the sky. Is that you riding your bike Jayden?
This picture has really cheered us up today, Jack, thank you so much – we love the bees!
One of our favourite images of Spring! Henry has made a collage of a chick and a lamb.

What wonderful, bright and colourful spring pictures by Finley and little sister Iliza.
What a lovely collage by Chester. The little nest in the tree is very creative – well done!
We’ve had beautiful weather this week for gardening and Ethan has created a lovely collage of a spring garden.
Wow Euan, I love the bird in your tree – a fantastic collage of Spring!
What a super cute rabbit by Grace.
A gorgeous image of Springtime by Jasmine. I love how you’ve used natural resources in your picture!
A fantastic Easter Egg collage – beautiful work Lily!

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